Customer Benefits

Our approach harnesses innovative thinking toward the manufacturing process and meeting your requirements efficiently to reduce your overall cost and ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Our goal is to work with you to deliver your project – from the quote stage to timely delivery – with the minimal disruptions from start to finish.

Reduce costs

Strategic buying: We are committed to our customers and in turn not adverse to holding safety stock at our plant to speed up delivery. That means we can warehouse supplies of top quality raw materials and the benefit: by avoiding raw materials sourcing and delivery delays we can meet your requirements quickly and efficiently.

After carefully analyzing and planning your project, IMW collaborates to develop the most efficient process strategy, tooling requirements and equipment to manufacture your product. To accomplish this, we group automated machines into work cells that enable a single technician to control several operations, when necessary. The result: a more efficient manufacturing process and lower labour costs.

Respond to your needs

IMW produces a broad range of machined parts and components for an array of industrial sectors. Our overall approach is simple: we provide rapid turn-around of precision components at a competitive price – all with a total commitment to customer satisfaction.

The IMW team prides itself on working closely with customers to deliver innovative solutions to complex machining challenges. In short, it means responding to your needs to produce your project on time and on budget. We’re a one-stop shop for virtually all your needs – whether it’s a long production run, a product prototype, a one-off or having to use reverse engineering to produce a product.

We understand the pressures of modern business and IMW prides itself on the ability to accommodate those rush situations to help a customer in need when necessary.

Ensure accuracy

From start to finish of every project, we are guided by internationally accepted quality assurance procedures, whose success target is a simple one: zero defects. Built-in quality checks continually monitor all processes. We use computerized co-ordinate measuring equipment to check all parts produced at IMW and our ability includes complex geometric surfaces – in three dimensions. The result: your components arrive ready for their end use.

Hassle-free service

At IMW, we know how important your requirements are to your business. From the very first contact to final order delivery, IMW team members focus on ensuring excellent customer service. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email or document exchange and we’ll direct your query to the person who can deliver a quick, comprehensive response.