Multiple industry background

Since 1976, IMW has taken pride in producing a broad array of precision machined products for its customers across a broad range of industrial sectors. These include: automotive, oil and gas, power generation, alternate energy and farm equipment as well as custom parts for the pulp & paper industry and industrial machinery in general. Central to this multiple industry background is our ability to take your product from concept to reality … quickly and efficiently.

On occasion, the knowledge and best-practice experience in one industry helps to provide ideas for the production process in another sector. Our breadth of experience has enabled us to develop and use technological innovation across all industrial sectors in ways that benefit our customers.

And since each sector is unique, following are some of the components we’ve manufactured and the lessons we’ve learned from our customers.

Alternative Energy (Green Power)

This emerging industry sector is heavy on research, which demands development and prototyping, an area in which IMW demonstrates strong capabilities. Partnering early in development can minimize costs and improve the overall final product. Some of our precision manufactured products include: LNG and CNG components, wind power components fittings, cylinders, pressure related items, etc.


IMW is adept at manufacturing custom parts for automakers and parts suppliers, as well as custom machined mass-production automotive parts. We know from experience the long lead-times involved in prototyping design and development. In this, IMW can help by being involved at the early stages of design by contributing to decisions on selecting materials and tolerances to minimize costs and project delays. Products include steering and suspension components, control arms, flange yokes, ball joints and output shafts, to name a few.

We’re capable of producing large volumes of repetitive parts and components – on time, on budget and meeting or exceeding our customers’ requirements. Doing it right the first time emerges from our Certified Quality Management Systems ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Farm Equipment

Applications in this sector often require heavy, rugged components. Our experience and creative approach to challenges often enables us to find ways to strengthen components while making them lighter through appropriate selections of materials and treatments. For efficient project management, IMW is a one-stop shop for complete manufacturing and processing. Our machined products include:

  • Hubs and spindles
  • Axles
  • Hydraulic cylinders and components
  • Power transmissions

Industrial Machinery

In this sector there’s a high demand for prototyping – a strength that IMW has acquired through experience and innovative thinking. Products include:

  • Specialized mounts, brackets and wear components
  • Hydraulic components – specialized materials, pressure and wear resistance
  • Specialized tooling and processes
  • Transfer cases, differentials and gears

We have turnkey processes to handle multiple stages of production. Our experience proves that long-term partnering can reduce costs.

Oil & Gas

Our experience of the Oil and Gas industry stems from working closely with several companies who look to IMW to supply a variety of components made from bar stock, tubing, forgings and castings.

All material come certified to the Nace specification which adhere to the guidelines of the API 5a spec.

Our skill in machining all grades of material coupled with our forging knowledge enable us to offer competitive solutions for all requirements using the latest in manufacturing technology.


Power Generation

  • Rapid turn-around for critical repair parts and consumables
  • Reverse engineering – an IMW strength – is often necessary, especially for older equipment or repair items
  • Specialized machining, materials and metal treating processes

Tool and Die

IMW has the capabilities to produce the complete tooling required in the industry, some examples include Detail Work, Forge Tooling, Trim Components, Die Inserts, Gauging and Fixturing. IMW utilizes Autocad for programming and precision Bench work to complete the project. We are also able to cast the dies for modelling purposes.